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A Little Bump by Usa-Ritsu
A Little Bump

Shy Jester Abra Chord doesn’t just go around changing heroes, but also delights in causing mischief by changing other creatures and beings as well.

In this case, we have Whacka. He was cute before, but can you really bring yourself to hit this poor little guy on the head now? You monster.

Eeveelution Spree by Usa-Ritsu
Eeveelution Spree

About three years ago I fiddled with some designs for Eeveelutions of the remaining unused types. I decided to revisit those designs for the fun of it. From left to Right:

Name: Anteneon. Type: Bug

Anteneon is a playful and free-spirited Pokemon, with a fondness of zooming around and playing with other Pokemon. It can’t fly for all that long until it needs to land back down and rest for a bit. Anteneon is easily excitable about things and incredibly curious. Its natural goggles protect its sensitive eyes. 

Name: Quakeon. Type: Ground

Due to the natural helmet of fur it has on its head, Quakeon’s sight isn’t very good. Instead, it relies on all of its other senses in order to get around. It is also capable of feeling the vibrations and the earth itself, to know if anything is approaching, or it is close to other things. Its natural ‘helmet’ evolved as a way to let it dig and tunnel easier. Though it can be a bit clumsy at times. Similar to Vaporeon, Quakeon can melt into mud

Name: Resoleon. Type: Fighting

Resoleon practically has fighting in its blood, and loves to take part in any challenge that comes its way, no matter how difficult it can be. For some reason, this Pokemon has a love of climbing up onto higher places and announcing itself to its foe before leaping off and landing nimbly upon the ground… most of the time. 

Name: Ethereon. Type: Ghost

Ethereon are often shy of contact with others, and are known to run away if things around it get too loud. However, if it has a chance to get to know someone, it will become very friendly and close. It is said that Ethereon can protect its owners from malicious spirits. 

Name: Bismeon. Type: Steel

Bismeon is prized by those of high class. This Pokemon’s coat starts out dull blue, but through constant care and grooming, can become quite shiny and vibrant with many colors. Contrary to its high class lifestyle, it is very friendly and loves to pounce on others.

Name: Drifteon. Type: Flying

Though Drifteon lacks wings, its inner body makes a natural helium-like gas that gives it a light body capable of floating. It can shoot air out of its paws to allow it to fly around, and control the weight of its inner gas. Sometimes they aren’t careful and can get blown away, however.

Name: Feldeon. Type: Rock

Feldeon are known to have very high standards. Anything lower than what they like will be snubbed off with a lifting of their nose. These Pokemon, like Bismeon, are often desired by those of high class for their general rarity and the lovely feldspar gems that can make up parts of their body. 

Name: Orocheon. Type: Dragon

Orocheon loves to come off as majestic with an important air about it, but it really is just a softy at heart, craving attention and getting sad when no attention is tossed its way, or overly happy when it gets it. It loves shiny and valuable things, and can often be seen hoarding what it comes across 

Name: Baneon. Type: Poison

Baneon is a bit of a trickster, and loves to trick other Pokemon and people into doing things for it. This is partially due to them also being rather lazy and prone to falling asleep in the warm sun. They love having their ears scratched. On the back of their ankles, Baneon sports tiny little spurs that can inject poison. 

Skunk Time by Usa-Ritsu
Skunk Time
Been a little while since I've drawn him, but here we a drawing of Logan Reinwald. Perhaps he is about ready to transform into his White Rose state, or he’s just a bit surprised by something
A Thinking Genius by Usa-Ritsu
A Thinking Genius

A drawing of my character Ritsu Hasano. Haven’t drawn her for quite a while, and I decided it was time to do a new drawing of her.

She’s a young genius that dabbles in technology and robotics and has a love of squirrels as her favorite animal.

What A Horrible Knight for a Change by Usa-Ritsu
What A Horrible Knight for a Change

Suspicious of the strange cupcake that Kirby had obtained, Meta Knight had attempted to confiscate it from Kirby. However, he was too late and Kirby had transformed. Kirby, feeling rather affectionate and happy at the moment, scooped the now smaller knight into a hug and gave him a small peck.

Sadly for Meta Knight, Kirby had some cupcake still on his mouth, and the magical properties within the confectionery had an affect on him. However, unlike Kirby, Meta Knight found himself experiencing a bit more of an… extreme change. 

Not only that, but she also lost her mask! How embarrassing!



Usa-Ritsu's Profile Picture
S. Fuller
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
So yeah, I'm Usa-Ritsu, and welcome to my little slice of DeviantArt. I don't really have too much to put here, really. I'll say that my interests in what I like when it comes to art and what grabs me are rather varied and all around the place.

Some of my many interests include Magical Girls/Boys, Monster Girls/Boys, Pokemon, Genderbending, transformations, and various other things I can't think of at the moment.

I don't really take requests, though, and I often just kinda work on a whim.

I have a fondness of animation in general, ranging from American to Japanese animation. I always have, ever since I was a kid. It tended to be the only thing I really liked to watch the most because I found it more interesting in compared to live action.

Favorite Anime/Manga: Slayers, One Piece, Kinnikuman, Zatch Bell, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, PreCure
Favorite Comics: Gold Digger, Sandman, Chew, All Star Superman
Been having some computer issues where I keep getting BSOD'd and I ended up resetting my computer. Though in doing so, my tablet now doesn't work properly. Ended up deciding to order a new new that should get here in a few days.

Hopefully my computer issues are dealt with.

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